Frequently asked questions

Can I use Streetmix for professional presentations or publications?

Yes, absolutely! Use Streetmix however you like, but please provide attribution.

What is the end user license?

Streetmix has adopted two licenses: the software uses the BSD license, while the content uses a Creative Commons license. One or both of these licenses might apply to your situation. These licenses give you some essential rights for using Streetmix without having to explicitly ask us for permission.

The BSD license is an open-source software license. This means you may copy, modify, and reuse the original code base, as long as the copyright remains with Streetmix LLC.

The Creative Commons license governs the content in Streetmix, such as text or graphics, as well as any derived graphics or content. You may modify and republish anything you make in Streetmix as long as you provide attribution to Streetmix. You must also allow others to reuse or republish your Streetmix-created content.

This is a basic overview of what these licenses mean. For more details, including how these licenses may apply to your specific use case, please refer to the license text or consult with a qualified legal advisor.

How do I provide attribution to Streetmix?

When you reuse or republish Streetmix content, you should mention the following:

  • That you created this content with Streetmix
  • That the content is licensed under Creative Commons (or the BSD license, if the reproduction includes code)
  • Include a link to Streetmix (

We are flexible with attribution. You may be in a situation where you’re not able to include all or some of those things. That’s okay! But please use your best judgment about what form of attribution is viable for you.

Can I copy the Streetmix code or set up my own instance?

You sure can. If you are technically inclined, please refer to the project repository README for installation steps.

If you are looking for someone to set up a whitelabeled instance of Streetmix, we can help! Shoot us an email to and let’s chat.

Does Streetmix support Internet Explorer?

Our unique interface means Streetmix is designed with the most recent web technology in mind. We do not support the Internet Explorer browser, and we are deprecating support for Internet Explorer 11 in favor of the newer Microsoft Edge browser.

We also support the common “evergreen” browsers Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

How do you add setback lines or curb-to-curb widths?

This is not currently possible in Streetmix. We designed Streetmix for a lay audience, who may not be fully aware of all the fixed constraints of street design. As a result, we decided not complicate the user interface with setbacks or curb-to-curb dimensions, focusing instead on space between buildings, which is what people experience every day. We plan to add these features in the future for a professional version of Streetmix.

How do you lock down parts of a street to prevent users from editing them?

We believe that civic engagement is most empowering when users are not artificially constrained from expressing their creativity or their opinions. Instead, we believe users should be educated about constraints and be given the right to accept or reject them. Furthermore, a digital sandbox is the perfect environment to experiment with concepts that might be impossible or unrealistic in real life.

Can you add X feature?

We’ll see! Please contact us. We can’t respond to all requests, but we do read and consider all user suggestions to help prioritize new features in Streetmix.