This page will categorize the types of vehicles present or planned in Streetmix, and notes resources used for research or for future reference.


This section is a work in progress.

List of vehicles

  • Automobiles (cars)
    • Personal automobile
    • Taxi
    • Rideshare
    • Autonomous vehicle
  • Bicycle
  • Motorcycle (with sidecar)
  • Truck
  • Food truck
  • Streetcar
  • Light rail
  • Bus
  • Electric scooter
  • Freight train
  • Magic carpet


Although pedestrians have a definition in NUMO’s vehicle attribute framework, individual persons — including those using wheeled mobility aids such as wheelchairs — are not classified in Streetmix as vehicles. Instead, we use the placeholder concept of “the pedestrian mode of travel” rather than individual persons representing a pedestrian “vehicle.”